How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet

To make your carpet last longer, you should clean it once a week. It helps to loose the particles from the carpet surface before it gets seeped in the carpet fabric. Regularly cleaning will also help you to avoid professional deep carpet cleaning. But sometimes, you may have to call the experts, as they know the technology to remove dirt from the carpet. The carpet shouldn’t only be a beautiful piece on the floor, but it should be hygienic also. How will you do all these? Don’t worry.

Here The Rule of Carpet Cleaning is Given and You Must Follow It: 

  • If Anyone in your Household Have Allergies –You can say that the carpet fibers work as a filter and collect dust and allergens that float around the air. As the months pass, the collected particles build up in carpet fibers. When you start to accumulate, it will return back to the air when anyone walks on this carpet. These allergens can only be removed with a thorough clean. For chronic allergens, you should give it frequent clean.
  • Color of The Carpet Matters –This is the best idea to use a light colour carpet to brighten up the room. Needless to say, that the light colour carpet needs frequent cleaning than the darker counterpart. However, it can show you the increasing level of dirt and remind you when it needs a clean.

If You Have Pets in your House

Pets leave hair on the carpet and when they are outside of the home, they take all kinds of junks and dirts from the outside. For pet traffic, you should steam clean your carpet every 4-6 months. This is recommended for you to own your own steamer so that you can access it every month by yourself plus you can avoid the carpet steam cleaning cost.

Beside it, this will be good for it if you can vacuum it every day. It may sound to you as expensive but this is necessary. Daily vacuuming is necessary for you to keep your family safe and protected. If there is any accident in your carpet from your pet, go for the baking soda method for carpet cleaning. Sprinkle a little baking Soda on the messy spot and then leave it for 24 hours. And then vacuum it.

Choice is Yours

After all, carpet is one of your room decorating items. It gives the room a nice appearance. To maintain this appearance of your home you should go vacuum clean. But the other reasons include having a pet and children in the house. If you are going for professional carpet cleaning in Cloverdale, then don’t forget to take the receipt. You are not satisfied with that service then you can call them. If you are cleaning your carpet so frequently, then make sure to tell your guests to not wear shops inside of your house.